Hunting Dogs

As a child, I read many dog stories. I seldom was able to keep a dog while living with my parents. They didn't like dogs. The dogs I had were allowed to run loose. Their lives were short, killed by passing cars.

After moving to Texas in 1972, I became friends with some men who hunted raccoons with hounds. Table Rock Flying Saucer, a young Treeing Walker coonhound, was purchased for $125 which was a lot of money to me. We learned together how to hunt raccoons

Since that time, I have owned and hunted dogs of various breeds, mostly hounds; beagles for rabbits, staghounds for coyotes and foxhounds for coyotes.

In the last few years while leaving in Texas, I have become interested in hunting feral hogs. Some people hunt feral hogs with dogs. It takes a determined dog to stop and hold a wild pig. I learned that cur dogs have a good reputation for the combination of characteristics required for hog hunting with dogs.

The dog shown at the right is Gus. He is 1/2 Mountain Cur, 1/4 Blackmouth Cur, and 1/4 Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Cur. I purchased Gus along with two of his litter mates for $100 on Valentines Day in 2009. After owning them more than one year, I can see that their reputation is justified. They are very determined varmint exterminators with a strong desire to hunt. Yet they are completely non-agressive toward people.
Nell is a spayed female. She seems to be the smartest of the three dogs. Nell and her two littermates have naturally short tails. Other members of the litter had long tails.Nell
Max is the largest of the three littermates. He is the best looking and most friendly of the three. He may be the most courageous but seems to have be the least intelligent..

I am looking forward to using the dogs in Utah. Curs are used for a coyote hunting technique called dogging. Coyotes are very territorial when raising their pups. Curs can challenge the coyote's territory and lure them within gun range.
Another possible use for the curs is hunting mountain lions. The area around my property has a relatively high population of lions. I would like to try chasing the lions with the curs. I suspect lion hunting is less dangerous to the dogs than is hunting feral hogs in Texas.