House Plans

The third phase of planned development of the Grouse Creek property is construction of an energy-efficient house.  The house is designed to maintain comfortable interior temperatures without dependence on electrical or petroleum energy.  The walls and ceiling will be super insulated to R60.  A Trombe solar wall will be used to passively heat the living space. 

A Trombe wall is a south-facing massive wall made of concrete or stone separated from the outdoors by windows and an air space.  The thermal mass wall absorbs solar energy during the day in winter and releases it towards the interior at night.

Bottom-pivoting panels will be installed to cover the sliding glass doors used for solar heat collection.  Each of the seven panels may be opened and closed to modulate the heat transfer. 

The panels will serve three purposes.  First, when pivoted to the down position, the reflective inner lining of the panels will reflect more solar energy to the Trombe wall.  When pivoted to the up position at night or when we are away from home, the panels will (1) insulate and (2) protect the house.  

Sliding panels will be used to insulate and protect the other windows in the house.  A wood burning stove will be used for back-up space heating.  Solar water heating will also be installed.

The house features a large pantry and a large combination living room and kitchen.  This big room is twice as large as the cabin floor space.

House Plan 

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