Cabin Plans

A small house or cabin is planned for the second phase of development.  The main purpose for the cabin is to provide a comfortable living area while the large house is completed.  If we decide to stop development after phase two, the cabin will be the primary living quarters.

A basement is planned for the cabin.  A two thousand gallon water storage tank will be installed in the basement.  Potable water from a well will be pumped into the tank with a small solar-powered water pump.  Water from the tank will be pumped under pressure to the water faucets in the cabin.  The water tank will also supply water to the large house when completed.

Some of the construction techniques and features of the cabin will be like those planned for the large house.  The walls and ceiling will be super insulated to R60.  A Trombe solar wall will be used to passively heat the living space.  Bottom-pivoting panels will be installed to cover the sliding glass doors used for solar heat collection. 

The panels will serve three purposes.  First, when pivoted to the down position, the reflective inner lining of the panels will reflect more solar energy to the Trombe wall.  When pivoted to the up position at night and when we are away from home, the panels will (2) insulate and (3) protect the cabin.  

Sliding panels will be used to insulate and protect the windows in the cabin.  A wood burning stove will be used for back-up space heating.  Solar water heating will also be installed.

The cabin will be wired for conventional electrical service.  Solar panels will be installed to generate sufficient electricity to operate essential equipment such as the water pumps.

When the large house is completed, the cabin may be used for visitors.

Living area

 Cabin Living Area


 Cabin Living Area

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