Food Production and Storage

Food is the most important factor for survival. While it is true that a human can survive longer without food than without water, food may be more difficult to obtain in a survival situation.

A supply of food can increase chances for survival under a variety of circumstances.

Survival Factors

Gardening on the Grouse Creek property will probably be a challenge.  The growing season is short and irrigation is required.  A greenhouse would extend the growing season.  We will experiment with gardening when we move to the Grouse Creek property.

I plan to keep goats and chickens.  The goats should thrive on the sparse vegetation on the property.  Goats provide milk, meat, and skins for leather.  Excess milk can be made into cheese or fed to the chickens.  Chickens provide eggs and meat.  Chickens can forage for bugs and vegetation.  Grain could be grown or purchased to supplement the diet of both goats and chickens.  Manure from chickens and goats can be used to fertilize the garden.

During normal economic circumstances, canned food that remains nutritious for several months to many years will be purchased.  The house plans include a large pantry for food storage.  The basement of the cabin has space for cool, long-term storage of food.

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